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Welcome to my little world of photography! My name is Jackie and I am from Athens, Pennsylvania. Theres really not much to say about myself other than photography is a passion of mine that I have discovered, a passion that I intend to explore to the very fullest. It pretty much consumes me. Its hard for me to look at anything, even when I don't have my camera in hand, that doesn't have a photography aspect. I notice light, like which way the sun falls on a person or object or the way it casts shadows. I notice shapes and structure, like a beautiul building or even an old falling down barn. I notice beauty in things that I didnt used to notice before taking photos on a regular basis. It gives me a whimsical feeling, that I cant really explain, but its wonderful and I like the way it makes my heart feel. Its one of the very few feelings I have felt in my life that just seems natural and right. I think this is definately my calling. I don't really know what style you would call my work, but I try to be unique. I try to be ME, even when I dont like me, cause its still me, the person God wanted me to be!

I am a Photograher.

I want to warm your heart when you look at the photos I take of you and your family. I want you to be truly happy with the choice of picking me for this important job. I will do my very best to make sure I get images that I feel represent who you are as a person and or family. So just be yourself and relax. Think of what you would like to see hanging on your wall everyday, and then tell me about it. I will try to capture that. But most of all, I want to capture the moments that are raw feeling, memories, love. Moments that are real and that when you look back years later at the photos I have taken, you feel it all over again, just like you are back there in that moment.

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